When my tweet went viral on the media

I didn’t expect it could escalate this way but I just keep having the feeling that in London everything can happen.

This morning I took the Central Line and I got off at Holborn to go to work. I work in Oxford Street and I don’t mind walking a bit. I immediately saw several police cars heading towards Tottenham Court Road station and when I arrived there I also saw ambulances and firefighters. The situation looked serious but there was no panic. The station was evacuated and I recorded a video and shared it on Twitter.

Within 10 minutes I was contacted by a staff member at the Evening Standard, a free London newspaper, who asked me if they could share my video on their website with credits. I believe that information is important and I agreed, as usual, without any form of compensation. Only compensation was my name appearing on the website.



The same person then asked me some personal information (name and employment) and asked me to describe what I saw. I did this and soon my name and comment appeared online.schermata-2016-09-08-alle-19-11-29

That’s not all. Another message from a lady working in a social news agency that works with The Times, The Sun and the Wall Street Journal asked me to use the video to be shared with clients. Same answer as above: absolutely fine.


Lastly another lady, this time from the Daily Mail, wanted to show my video to the online readers with my mention and I agreed that too.


My moment of popularity, more than what Andy Warhol’s stated to be no more than15 minutes, ended when my name appeared on The Sun too.


Now, you realize that everything started from nothing, from a tweet, probably the right tweet that news agencies were looking for. On one side I understand more how the current form of journalism is no longer based on journalist being on the field but doing their research. Second, every little thing can have some sort of impact and audience from low to high.

All this to say that I have been very dumb not to ask to mention London Spotter!



What do you think?

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