Suddenly a Japanese garden in the heart of London

Let’s start this post from the conclusion: I should start walking tours called “Saturday’s discovery”. I actually realized that the most beautiful things I notice happen on a Saturday even though I keep walking around every day of the week.

My girlfriend suggested to go to Notting Hill. Nothing new there but she agreed also to walk in unknown streets to discover something new. And it was by doing this that we found Holland Park and Kyoto Gardens.

We were heading towards Kensington when, looking at Google Maps, I noticed this place called Kyoto Gardens, standing inside Holland Park, a place that was nothing more of a tube station for me. I googled the place and I found out it looked lovely. It was only 10 minutes away and we decided to go.

Holland Park can be split into 3 different parts. The north is semi-wild woodland, the centre has nice gardens, cafès and the Opera Holland Park while the south is mainly dedicated to sport activities.

We were coming from the north side and following signs to the Kyoto Garden. Before reaching it, we noticed a lovely garden and a giant chess mat. The latter really excited me even if I am unable to play to chess… Never too late



Already amazed, we headed to the Kyoto Gardens. This Japanese garden was a gift from the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of the Japan Festival held in London in 1991. The main attractions are waterfalls and a pond, in which you might be able to spot bright orange fish (koi carp in case you were wondering). You will also see several peacocks and the staff will also give you seeds to feed them. A lovely experience, especially for kids.



When in London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this amazing park!


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