Say what? I didn’t know that about Harrods!

Every time I have people visiting me I have to go to Harrods.

Not that I really like it, to be honest, but it seems a key attraction for tourists who go there to buy a simple green carry bag. Nothing more because everything else is just too expensive. I also don’t visit it because, when I am in the mood to buy something, the staff is more keen to follow people who have a bigger and fuller wallet than mine (and this frustrates me!).

Well, it is still one of the most important department stores in the world and I guess you’d like to know some funny facts:

  • On peak days, Harrods welcomes up to 300,000 customers.
  • In 1898, Harrods installed Britain’s first escalator.
  • There are currently 12,000 light bulbs on the façade of Harrods. This tradition began in 1959 when 1,100 bulbs were used as Christmas decorations. Approximately 300 light bulbs need to be changed every day.
  • Harrods used to have an in-store Zoo that opened in 1917 offering live poultry and goats. Later, the department concentrated on unusual and exotic pets and became children’s favourite area of the store. Today, the department has become the Pet Kingdom.
  • The store employs 5,000 staff from over 50 different countries and this number can rise to 5,500 during the Harrods Sale in December and June.

Is that enough funny facts? You can


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