A Saturday lunch in Pimlico and a pint in Central London

Saturday morning, London. Sun in the sky and breakfast ready. Coffee, biscuits and getting ready to go to Pimlico and central London.

Why Pimlico? Well, I wanted to enjoy a brunch but, as I woke up too late, I went there for lunch with my girlfriend in order to start celebrating her birthday… No, I am not telling you her age!

We went to Westminster and then moved to Sloane Square by tube.  I already knew the area as I went there during my Blue Plaque hunting and it was easy to walk to Ebury Place. I remembered nice bars in the area but I was wrong. I took my girlfriend to see the house of Mozart and then kept walking to Belgravia. We then found a nice place, La Bottega – The Italian Delicatessen, and had lunch there. Very nice food, typical italian products and extremely enjoyable. I had a ciabatta with italian ham, a mozzarella and some salad. I thought it was enough until I spotted some cannoli from Sicily and i could’t resist. Very nice staff and after my espresso we moved towards to other destinations.

We went to central London, had a look around in Selfridges and then Piccadilly before meeting some friends at The Old Explorer, a very nice pub just behind Oxford Circus. This place is a bit hidden but it is huge and serves good food at reasonable price.

After a brief argument with my girlfriend, being her birthday, I let her choose the meal. She suggested a Burger Board consisting in 6 small burgers and chips. Now, guess my drink. Done? Well, I had a Guinness!

Some friends joined us and we had a lovely evening and several drinks. And yes, I kept drinking Guinness and a shot of Sambuca!


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