Visiting the Imperial War Museum. A deep immersion in last century’s world conflicts

Today we want to tell you about our experience at the Imperial War Museum in London.

This museum is simply brilliant but unfortunately it is not one of the most famous attractions in the British capital.

As it is mentioned on the Imperial War Museum website, it is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those that involved Great Britain.

Located half way between Lambeth North and Elephant Castle, The IWM is accessible by tube and by several buses.

The front area of the museum is already incredible and to visit is a small section of the Berlin wall on the left side of the building entrance.

The ground floor hosts you with many airplane suspended by the roof  and also with tanks and a red bus used to the western front in Word War I (used for movements of British divisions). Other attractions are the German V2 Rocket, which was Hitler’s second reprisal weapon that reached 1,000 british targets; the Biber German one man submarine; Little Boy, an atomic bomb of the type dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 (the name of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki was Fat Boy).

The lower ground floor goes through the conflicts of WWI and WWII. Extremely touching is “The trench experience” to make you feel the atmosphere during the First World War. Incredible sounds, smell and recreation that might be a bit scary.  IN this floor is also possible to watch several videos and images to explain the history and also see some uniforms of the different parties until the UN uniform.

The first floor is mainly dedicated to the “secret war” and the systems used by the forces with their secret agents. The start is an image of James Bond to explain that what comes to the movies is always starting from reality.

On the second floor is a section dedicated to genocides and a 30 minutes video. The aim is to make people know but also explain that sometimes the organization that should keep the peace is not that efficient. An example is the genocide in Rwanda that happened while the nation was non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. In that occasion, no one questioned about the genocide as the individual national interests were not involved.

Finally, on the 3rd floor is the Holocaust section. No photos are allowed as pictures and images are very strong. While we were visiting this floor, a child asked his father what was the section about. After explaining, the father said a phrase that we completely support: “I can’t believe an entire nation followed this asshole”. This is not against Germans but about the general idea that is difficult to imagine so many people agreeing with an extreme idea like Hitler’s.


What do you think?

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