“Kill yourself at home”, with love by Transport for London

Many medias reported few weeks ago a new campaign by Transport for London (TfL) in regards to the suicides on the underground.

The adverts were clearly fakes and will not be visible on the Underground.

Created by Elvis Communication, and commissioned by TfL, the adverts analyzed a problem occurring in the Tube: suicides.

There are different numbers and opinions about that and we report some of them.

1. According to TfL, there is 1 accident (including suicides) ever 300 million train runs.

2. Alison Wertheimer says that the average amount of suicides per year on the London Underground is of 100-150.

3. In the 2000, period of the financial crisis, 46 suicides were reported by TfL.

4. In the decade 2001-2011 the report of suicides per Tube Line stated: 145 on the Northern Line, 99 on the Central Line, 92 on the Piccadilly Line, 81 on the District Line, 27 on the Jubilee Line.

Back to the campaign, it made Elvis Communication win the Chip Shop Awards 2012, a sort of Advertising Oscar Ceremony for the most creative adverts.

And now, here are the shocking ads








It’s not over yet.

These suicides cause many delays to the trains as the stations have to be closed and police has to investigate about the accident. Usually it takes a lot of time.

A recent documentary by Channel 4 also discovered an unbelievable truth. The bodies of the victims, if not taken by families, are kept in a closet until an undertaker comes to collect it!

Is it true or not?


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